Doggie Daycare

Leroy's Place

Doggie Daycare

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Instead of staying home all day your dog could be...

...Beating boredom and relieving separation anxiety by romping in our 2,500 sq ft facility

...Getting much needed exercise during obedience fun from our handlers-in-training

...Stop chewing your shoes and instead play with other dogs to build socialization skills

...Learning to be calmer, more confident, less fearful, barking less and maintaining good physical & mental health

Friends of Leroy Brown is offering a doggie daycare likes its never been done before. We are going to train your dog! Our handlers-in-training are participants at Friends of Leroy Brown Day Support Services and are always under the supervision of a professional dog trainer. They will train your dog in basic obedience exercises and help socialize them to new people and places. Your pooch must first go thru our temperment test and be approved by you and one of our trainers to be suitable for training.